1958 Danelectro U3


Located in Seattle


This has to be one of the coolest and rarest vintage Danelectros to cross our path. Up for sale is a 1958 Danelectro U3 in its original “Copper-Burst” finish. Full scale length neck, U2 body shape, 3 original lipstick pickups with slanted mounting, independent on / off switches and volume controls. You see a fair amount of full copper and black Danos on the market but almost no Copper-Burst guitars, let alone U3s. This guitar shows a good amount of finish wear but is completed solid and plays / sounds fantastic! Pro setup in house and comes complete with a non original hardshell case.


Year: 1958.

Model: U3

Serial: N/A.

Finish: Copper-Burst.

Case: Non-original hardshell case.

Weight: 6lbs. 10oz.

Condition: Very good condition, lots of surface wear.

Modifications: Strap button by neck has been moved. Original hole is visible but has been filled. Otherwise original.

Comments: Incredibly cool and rare '58 U3!