1960's Magnatone Custom 460 2x12


Located in Seattle


Early 1960’s Magnatone Custom 460 2×12 combo amplifier. Wonderful and gritty tone with the unmistakable Magnatone true pitch vibrato as well as a nice sounding reverb. Recently serviced and sounds great! Speakers are coded 465212 dating to the 12th week of 1962. The power transformer is original, output has been replaced. Cosmetically this amp shows a decent amount of wear and tear but functionality-wise it works and sounds great.


Year: 1960's.

Model: Custom 460 2x12

Serial: N/A.

Condition: Good condition, lots of wear and tear but functions great.

Modifications: Output transformer replaced.

Comments: Wonderful sounding 60's Custom 460 2x12 combo amp!