1960s Vox Ultrasonic


Located in Seattle


Vintage Vox with built in COOL effects? YES!! Sign me up! Here we have a rare late 1960s Vox Ultrasonic. Vox built these guitars in Italy for two years (67-68) and marketed them towards ES-335 fans. I guess they thought they’d throw in an on-board E tuner, fuzz, palm wah, bass / treble boost, and repeater as well as a Bigsby style tremolo while they were at it. This guitar surprisingly plays very well and has a comfortable feel all up and down the neck. All the on-board effects function as they should with the exception of the fuzz. Very well balanced with a comfortable weight. Here’s your chance to own a very cool piece of Vox and vintage guitar history. Comes complete with its hardshell case which is in poor condition and falling apart.


Year: 1960s.

Model: Ultrasonic

Serial: 405475.

Finish: Sunburst.

Case: Original hardshell case (falling apart).

Weight: 8 pounds.

Condition: Excellent condition less a side body crack and non functioning fuzz circuit.

Modifications: Missing pickguard, fuzz circuit is not working, all other effects work.

Comments: Super cool late 60s Vox Ultrasonic.