1969 Fender Princeton Reverb


Located in Seattle


Stunning and coveted 1969 Fender Silverface Drip Edge Princeton Reverb 1×10 Combo amplifier. This is the one everyone wants! Original original RCA tubes sound great and this one does retain its original speaker, although the code is covered by the blue Fender logo. Serial dates the amp to 1969, and all parts date to 1968-1969. Transformer codes read as the following: 606834 for the power transformer, 606908 for the output and 606834 for the choke. Without a doubt one of the cleaner Princeton Reverbs to ever come through the shop. Comes with its original cover and owners manual. No footswitch with this one.


Year: 1969.

Model: Princeton Reverb

Serial: A22303.

Condition: Excellent condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Stunning '69 Silverface Princeton Reverb!