1973 Fender Super Six Reverb


Located in Seattle


1973 Fender Super Six Reverb Silverface combo amplifier. 100 watts, all tube w/ reverb & tremolo. This model is notorious for its 6×10 speaker configuration but this particular example had its cab chopped down to a dual speaker size and now houses two of its original blue label Fender 10″ speakers. The bottom of the cab has been painted black as well. Mods aside, this amp sounds great and would make a killer gigging machine.


Year: 1973.

Model: Super Six Reverb

Serial: A40041.

Condition: Good condition less cabinet being chopped down to a 2x10 size cab and some tolex wear.

Modifications: Cab chopped down to a 2x12 size, bottom of cab painted, casters added.

Comments: Cool modded early 70s Super Six Reverb.