1951 Gibson GA-20


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a 1951 Gibson GA-20 combo amp! This amp just turned 70! It has had all the necessary maintenance/upgrades to keep it rollin and singing! Three prong power cable, a must! The original speaker was replaced with a Weber Alnico, sounds great! Retubed with NOS tubes! Its already been recapped! And the original handle was replaced with a new leather handle! No need to worry about it breaking in your hand! About 15 watts! Tubes: Two 6SJ7, One 6SC7, Two 6V6 and one 5Y3.


Year: 1951

Model: GA-20

Serial: NA

Condition: This amp is in good condition.

Modifications: It has a non-original Weber speaker. It has been retubed with NOS tubes. It has been recapped and has a new three prong power cable. Non-original leather handle.

Comments: Classic tube amp, upgraded in all the right ways!