1960 Gibson GA-8T


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a GA 8T Gibsonette Tremolo combo amp! Great sounding little amp! Roughly 8 watts all tube. Comes with its original footswitch! It has been retubed. Caps have been replaced as well as the grid resistor. Missing it back panel. Non-original 10″ Jensen speaker. Tube lay out, one 12AX7, two 6BM8 and one 5Y3.


Year: 1960

Model: GA-8T

Serial: 101433

Condition: This amp is in good condition.

Modifications: It has had caps replaced and the grid resistor. It has been retubed. The speaker has been replaced with a Jensen. Power cable was upgraded to a 3 prong.

Comments: Killer sounding little tube amp!