2000s ValveTrain 535


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a 2000s ValveTrain Amplification 535 with a tweed wrap! ValveTrains take on a mid powered 50s amp. This 35 watt tube combo was all hand wired in the U.S.A. It has a wonderful rich clean tone perfect of Jazz or Country but once you start to turn it up, it has all your Classic Rock needs covered! Best of both worlds! Two speaker but ones a 10″ and the others a 12″, super cool! Solid pine cabinet, very resonant and warm sounding! Killer American made amp!


This amp is in very good condition. Two 6l6 power tubes, two 12AT7s, a 12AX7 and a 5U4GB rectifier. Eminence Ramrod 10″ and an Eminence Red, White and Blue 12″. Four inputs, two for both Normal and Bright. Knob layout is Normal (volume), Bright (volume), Treble, Bass and Presence.


Year: 2000s

Model: 535

Color: Tweed

Serial: 070461

Weight: 47.6 pounds.

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: The amp has been retubed.

Comments: Killer hand-wired 35 watt amp with a wild speaker lay out!