2020 Wang Quasar


Located in Portland, OR


This is one cool local build! For your consideration a 2020 Wang Quasar. Straight from the builds mouth!

The Quasar is an original design with a focus on simplicity for pure raw tone through dual 6V6 power tubes, and a Voltage Regulator for 1 – 20 watts of power.

3-way voicing switch:STRANGE is the stock channel and gives you lower gain with smooth and sweet overdrive; TOP gives you a mid and top boost with a tight bottom; CHARM is a full frequency boost for blown out tweed sounds.
The Quasar features a Filter control to turn down high frequencies later in the circuit (which lets the harmonics build in the tubes first), and a Voltage Regulator – the best way to attenuate an amp! Saves your tubes and your neighbor’s sanity!

Built with the best sounding components, the Quasar features:

  • 1-20 watts of power through 2 6V6 power tubes
  • Finger jointed solid pine cabinet for increased resonance (organic woody tone) and durability
  • Jupiter capacitors
  • Solid high purity copper wire with cotton insulation – for a fuller more vintage tone
  • Cathode biased for low maintenance, more touch sensitivity, and richer tone
  • Classic Tone transformers, made exactly like the vintage ones
  • US made premium Carbon Composition resistors
  • Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 9.5 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: about 26-30 lbs. depending on speaker

Speaker :

  • STOCK – Amperian V.S.O.P. Alnico: Amazing speaker that does everything well


Year: 2020

Model: Quasar

Serial: 200004

Condition: This is a brand new amp.

Comments: Rad locally built tube amp.