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Up for sale is a fabulous sounding 1962 Fender 6G3A Deluxe Brown combo amplifier. We love the brown era Fender amplifiers here at Thunder Road and this one is fantastic. Below are some specs on this amp.

s/n D01875.  Model 6G3A.

- Power transformer: 606208

- Output transformer 6062 11

- the electrolytic capacitors in the doghouse (power supply filter caps), the bias filter cap, and the pre-amp bypass caps have been replaced with NTE brand caps.

- the speaker is a Jensen C12P. It is era correct but not original. Speaker is date coded 220350 dating to the 50th week of 1963.

- the power cord has been replaced with a grounded 3-prong cord, grounding the chassis.  The ground filter cap (AKA “Death cap”) is still attached to the Ground switch.  


Model : 6G3A Deluxe Brown Combo
Year : 1962
Modifications : See Description
Condition : Excellent
Finish : Brown Tolex