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A brand new Diezel Herbert Preamp/Distortion pedal.  Read below for more details.


This high-gain stomp replicates its namesake amp’s preamp with precision. You’ll find the same wide-ranging EQ control and foot-switchable Midcut circuit, along with Presence and Deep controls for mimicking the amplifier’s power-section punch.  To make this stompbox-sized preamp even more flexible, we included a separate output for running directly into a power amplifier, using the Herbert Pedal as your rig’s front end. And you can control it all remotely, thanks to its 1/4" stereo jack. 

Preamp or stompbox, your choice. Far from just another distortion pedal, the Diezel Herbert pedal offers multiple ways to achieve its ground-shaking tones. If you prefer using pedals for your dirt, you’ll find the pedal works beautifully straight into the front of your clean amp. But you’ll also find a dedicated “To Power Amp In” output jack that turns the pedal into a fully functional preamp. Plug it into the series effects loop return of any guitar amp or directly into a stand-alone power amp, and you’ve turned your amp into your very own Diezel Herbert - perfect for players who often have to rely on less-than-dependable rental backlines.

Two ways to achieve the Diezel tone.  Works as either an overdrive effect or as a stand-alone preamp Independent “To Power Amp In” output is finely tuned for power amps or series effects loop inputs. When used as a preamp, the Bypass switch mutes your signal


Condition : Brand New
Year : 2023
Model : Herbert Preamp/Distortion Pedal
Case : Original Box