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A used All Pedal Galactavise Compressor Pedal in Very Good Condition.


The Galactavise™ is our flagship compressor. Built with the musician’s needs in mind, it boasts an uncompromisingly sweet compressor circuit with a “mix” control for dialing in that perfect balance of compressed tone and clean tone. The top end can often be make or break with many compressor circuits, so we also added the ability to adjust just the right amount with the “presence” control. We used the highest quality components for a low noise floor and road-worthy durability. Let the Galactavise™ blast your tone into orbit!

The Galactavise is the best guitar compressor pedal for musicians seeking to balance their sound’s dynamics. As the best compression pedal on the market, it allows guitarists to control their volume levels efficiently, ensuring a consistent sound output. This guitar compression pedal is an essential tool for both studio recording and live performance.


Year : Used
Model : Galactavise Compressor Pedal
Condition : Very Good